12 Arrested for using rats to hijack computers.

OK we are not talking about the rodent types or even a hybrid of the computer mouse. RAT stand for Remote Access Trojans and is a technique by which cyber criminals can gain remote access of to your computer using malicious code that is hidden in another seemingly harmless and often useful program. These might be provided as shareware or freeware and offer to perform some useful function. Most shareware and freeware is safe. If you plan to use shareware or freeware make sure you download for a well established shareware site with an active community that review and monitor their available downloads.

The 12 were arrested as part of operation Falling sTAR with Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) coordinating with law enforcement in 9 countries to identify and apprehend cyber criminals using RATs to commit various types of cybercrime.

Creating and uploading your custom Google+ profile artwork


In 2015 Google changed Google Plus and gave it a new look. This included changes to the appearance. In this video I explain how to create a custom photo for your new Google+ profile.

Watch this video:


How to create custom photo art without a template for the new 2015 Google+ profile page