Is your website safe

A report by security company Whitehat Security has indicated that:

  • – Historically, 82% of assessed websites have had at least one issue of HIGH, CRITICAL, or URGENT severity
  • 63% of assessed websites currently have issues of HIGH, CRITICAL, or URGENT severity
  • Historically, websites average 17 vulnerabilities identified during the lifetime of the assessment cycle
  • Websites currently average 6 open vulnerabilities

    A report by The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) showed that for about 12186 sites tested, 97554 vulnerabilities were detected. The analysis showed that:

  • more than 13% of all reviewed sites could be compromised completely automatically
  • about 49% of web applications contain vulnerabilities of high risk level (Urgent and Critical)
  • the most wide spread vulnerabilities are Cross-site Scripting, different types of Information Leakage, SQL Injection, HTTP Response Splitting
  • administration issues were 20% more frequent cause of a vulnerability than system development errors
  • the probability to compromise a host automatically rose from 7 to 13 %

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