Increase your ranking by improving the organic click through rate (CTR)

Its been accepted in the industry for a very long time that Click Through Rate (CTR) is an important factor in your search engine rankings. Its now official with with the recent announcement by Paul Haahe from Google.

This article from SEO PLUS in the UK provides a very good overview of CTR and how it works, and evan more importunity how to improve it. This great for those that want to really tweak their SEO.

Getting a high CTR in itself is not good unless you have compelling content to keep the client on your website, otherwise another google ranking factor will kick in called your bounce rate.  This measures how long they are on your website and if the “bounce” off quickly this is a red light to Google that your content is irrelevant or poor.

If we think of SEO as being like an engine of a car, then this is part of the tuning process.  The reality is that most with most people their engine is not even running or barely running so trying to tune the engine is pointless. You need to have the basics in place before you start working on more advanced stuff.  If you want to increase your ranking by improving the organic click through rate (CTR) then read this great article

How to easily boost your organic CTR to massively increase your ranking